Rekey Locks

Do you like the idea of having one key to multiple locks and so, you plan to rekey locks in Markham, Ontario? Or, are you worried that a person who has your key will break in and so you need a lock rekeyed in a hurry?

Whatever your case, make contact with Locksmith Markham. The good news is that our team is available for lock rekeying services in Markham. The even better news is that we are ready to serve at all times. This simply means that if this is an emergency for you, it’s also an emergency for us. Call us 24/7 for emergency lock rekey service in Markham.

Well-equipped pros in Markham rekey locks in a heartbeat

Rekey Locks Markham

When there’s an emergency, we always go the extra mile to quickly send a pro to rekey locks in Markham. If a key to a main entrance or front door or to any property is stolen or mysteriously disappeared, it’s better to be safe than sorry. If that’s your case, don’t wait. The sooner you call our team the sooner the lock will be rekeyed and the key will change.

A lock is rekeyed only when it’s in a good condition. In other words, lock rekey services are needed when there’s no lock but a key problem. Since the key is the problem, the goal is to make sure the original – and now missing – key doesn’t fit inside the keyhole. That’s possible by changing the lock pins and their configuration. Once this is done, only a new key – made to fit in the new configuration – can operate the lock.

And so, there’s key change – no lock change. And when you turn to us with such a request and are in a hurry, a Markham locksmith responds in a heartbeat.

Lock rekey service – and key change – emergency or not

Of course, the locksmiths always respond quickly – even if you currently want to set up a master key system. Do you want something simple, like having one key for three door home locks? Or, a more complicated design for the office?

In any case, the pros rekey locks as required and make keys as required. With their van filled with all sorts of machines, key replacement and other products, tools, and last-generation equipment, the job is done accurately and on the spot.

Do you want to schedule rekeying for some locks? Is this an emergency and you need to book service right away? As long as you want to rekey locks, Markham locksmiths are at your service and ready to take action. Call us.